Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MunckPak Subscription Box Review

MunchPak Subscription Box

THIS ISN’T AN INTERNATIONAL SNACK BOX.  IT’S A MUNCHPAK! This Subscription Box will introduce you to new and popular snacks from all over the US and rest of the world! Subscription start at $21 a month.

Meiji HELLO PANDA - popular snack from China. My son loved it! Yummy biscuits with strawberry cream. 

BonBons - chewy strawberry candy. 
Product of France.

UpNext CUBES - sweet and sour gummies! I love this kind of candy! Made in China.
Doritos 3D were yummy, my son eat almost the whole pack in like 5 minutes! Yup, he love chips.
TAYTO Wuster Sauce chips reminded me classic salt and vinegar flavored chips. Good!

Pirouline Artisan Rolled Wafers with Dark Chocolate! Yum! Those were my fav out of the whole box! I had those before and I love it!!! Those are perfect with a cup of tea/coffee, or on it's own.My favorite muncy!

Rip van Wafels goes great with morning tea/coffee! 
KInder Happy Hippo is classic kinder treat, my son loved it! wish we had a whole box of those!
Nucita was fun and yummy as well! 

Cow Tales - who doesn't love it! Plus it's a perfect size to share!
Cajillions remind me of nerds.My son loves those!
You can never go wrong with Hi-Chew! Yum!

99, it was probably the most strange but good snack I've ever tried, it tasted like corn puff, kinda, and had pumpkin filling inside...It was actually good: not too sweet. It's a popular snack in China.

Bronhi Original - I guess you can say it's a chocolate version of Halls. It's chocolaty and minty at the same time! Yum!

If you love snacks! This MunchPak might be just for you to try!

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  1. LOVE the review . Great job !! and your son is so cute :) Love that you included him in your video and the snacks look so yummy