Monday, October 27, 2014

Glow Stick Bracelets - 100 Bracelets Review

Glow Stick Bracelets

Who doesn't love Glow Sticks!!!  I know my son loves these things! Halloween is a perfect occasion to get a whole bunch of them!.. This was probably one of my son's most exciting thing that I got the chance to review!
There is never too many glow

I love the packaging! And 100 is just a perfect Plus there is so much you can do with this since you can connect them together!

We had to try some of these out before Halloween, it's just too fun! There are lots of different colors, so everybody can find their favorite! You can make necklaces or bracelets! I tried to wear mine as glow hoop earrings... FUN

The glowing effect lasts pretty long, about 4-5 hours! And these are super bright! You can purchase these here: , I think the price for 100 is unbeatable! 
I also think it would be great to give out it to kids on Halloween, as a little bonus to the candy!

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Surviving Momhood Box Review

Surviving Momhood Subscription Box
I love subscription boxes, my 4 year old son loves to see what I get in my monthly subscription boxes, so when I heard about Surviving Momhood Box I was very interested!
It's a monthly subscription for mom and children!!! They have different boxes: monthly subscription ones that are $25 - $30 or you can buy one time boxes as well.
The box I received was a review box for their Mommy & Me Craft Box, as of now it is a 1 Time Box set that will be released on Nov 1st for $25.

The boxes are customized to you and your kid and every month they have a different theme!
My son and I love crafting, so this was a perfect box for us! 
My son was most excited for the  Beastly Balloons Set! Perfect for Halloween crafting and super fun for kids. My son decided that he wanted to do this craft with his friend. So we had a fun day creating Monster Balloons and then kids had fun playing with it!

There was also a Halloween necklace in  our box and my son loved it, decided to open it and wear it right away!
We also had a Soap Making 101 Kit, this is a crafting project targeted more for moms, but my son had some fun watching mommy work on this Let me tell you it was time consuming, but it was fun and I love the finished product: cool looking soap! My son was very proud that he helped me to make awesome soap!
And we got couple of small things: 
  • Safety Scissors, which will be used more than once since we love crafting.
  • Feltimals  - 3D felt puzzle, something simple, but cool and unique,  we got a blue doggie.
  • 'Flames' felt shoe wings!

If you are interested you can check out 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100 Pure-No Alcohol Review

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100 Pure-No Alcohol

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 100 Pure-No Alcohol! No Oils! No Chemicals! Parabens-Free!100% Natural and 100% Vegan! 

Wow! When I saw this description I was excited to try it! I love different skin serums and natural ones are of course my first choice!

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now: twice a day and I love how it makes my skin feel: soft and smooth. I've also noticed that my face does not get shiny or greasy during the day...and it's a huge plus for me!
I apply it on cleansed wet face and then I apply my moisturizer. I also like that this serum does not have any distinct scent. In comparison to some other serums this one is clear and more runny, which makes it super easy to apply.

★ SMALL MOLECULES VEGAN HYALURONIC ACID CAN PENETRATE SKIN'S DEEPER LAYERS. Benefit Skin Tissue Repair and Provide The Best Protection. It quickly forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis.
  • ★BOOST THE ELASTICITY AND HYDRATION OF THE SKIN. Easy to apply. Quickly forms protective barrier on the skin and locks in moisture. Keep collagen hydrated and healthy.
    ★REVERSE FREE RADICAL DAMAGE. Great benefit in protecting from UV damage. Protect the skin from UVB rays and prevent sunspots.
    ★POWERFUL ANTI AGING FUNCTIONS.Highest concentration of hyaluronic Acid provides moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin.
    ★This Premium Real Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Serum Contains NO Benzyl Alcohol and 100% ALL NATURAL without any chemicals! This serum is suitable for ALL skin types.

I like that my skin feels soft and looks  firm and that the Serum is 100% natural! It's a win in my eyes!
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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Crafty Cooking Kits Review

Halloween Crafty Cooking Kits

I love Halloween, it's super fun holiday, especially for kids and I love to do crafty cooking with my son: it's our little tradition. So when I found this Crafty Cooking Kits from Brand Castle I was super excited!!! It's everything you need in one box! 
I reached out to them expressing how much I loved the idea of their product and they were so nice and sent me some of their most popular kits for the Halloween season!

 My 4 year old son was most excited to create this yummy crispy rice pumpkins!!! The kit includes everything you need to create cute or spooky Halloween treat: rice crispy,  mini marshmallows orange food coloring, molds for 2 different pumpkin shapes and 2 icing pens: green & black!
Well you actually need 2  TBSP of butter. 

The kit lets you create 6 pumpkins! It's super easy to prep and then the fun begins: my son took over and was decorating his pumpkins! He loved it!

Then we decided to crafty cook some more!!! This kit is "In The Mix"

Zombie Dance Party 
Cookie Kit!!
This one was a fun one too! You do need some ingredient for this one, but just imagine how your guests would be surprised at your Halloween party when they see this! Plus you tell you made it yourself! 

This Green Zombie cookies need more complicated decorating skills, but my son still decorated a couple, but he was more excited to eat these, they were yummy sugar cookies, his favorite! We ended up with 12 awesome looking zombies!!! Some were eaten in the process of decorating... Yum!

I did received this products for promotional purposes, but I honestly can tell that I absolutely love  the kits and the idea behind it, you should definitely check out their web site, cause they have so many fun  cooking projects. They also have a huge selections of kits for Christmas!!! ;) 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Konjac All Natural Fiber Sponges Review

My Konjac Sponge All Natural Fiber Baby Bath Sponge &  My Konjac Sponge All Natural Fiber Wave Body Sponge

I am already a huge fan of My Konjac Face Sponges, so I was very excited to try their Body Sponge for myself and for my son.
These are both 100%  Natural  and 100% Biodegradable Sponges. 
My son was super excited too! 
He always sees that mommy got a bunch of different sponges, so when I said that one was just for him to try and tell me what he thinks, he was excited!
My son has a very sensitive skin, so this Konjac Baby Sponge is perfect. This soothing sponge made exclusively with vitamin and mineral rich Konjac, a pure vegetable fiber taken from the root of Amorphophallus Konjac plant. This sponge can be used daily to help keep your baby's delicate skin soft, smooth and healthy!

 When the Sponge is dry it's hard, but it gets super soft after you wet it.  For my son it was fascinating! The sponge gently cleanse without any roughness on baby skin!

I am also impressed with my six wave Konjac Body Sponge. It's naturally alkaline to balance the acidity of the skin's impurities and oils. When you massage your body with the Konjac sponge, you promote proper blood circulation and gently release dirt from the pores. My skin feels fresh, smooth and soft!
It's a gentle and extra soft deep cleanse, plus it's chemical free! Awesomeness!

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WOWBUTTER Review + Giveaway


What is WowButter? taste just like peanut butter, but it's absolutely safe for those with nut allergies!  Yup, it tastes like your regular peanut butter, but no peanuts!
It's NON-GMO, no added colors, flavors or preservatives.
It is made in a 100% peanut, nut, gluten, dairy and egg free facility! So it's absolutely safe for school lunches.
If you not a parent you probably don't know that at most schools your child can not bring a peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch, since there is always a chance that there is a kid with nut allergies.
So this is a great way for your child to enjoy their fav sandwich: WOWBUTTER and Jelly!

Plus if you peel the label you will find 16 school lunch sticker-labels. Very cool and neat idea.

The ingredients are very simple: canadian toasted soy, soy oil, granulated cane sugar, monoglyceride(from sustainable palm oil) and sea salt.

And let me tell you, this is as good as it gets! Very creamy and rich! And it does tastes nutty. Personally I love it with celery or apples. Most of my family loves it on bread with grape or strawberry jelly!

For more information visit, find them on facebook:, twitter: and pinterest:
WowButter was generous enough to sponsor a giveaway for my readers! YAY!
Giveaway is for residents of the United States and Canada only.
There will be one winner and will get one case (6 x 1.1 lb jars) of WOWBUTTER.

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gurin Hair Straightener Review

Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

I was super excited to get my hands on this Flat Iron! I have very frizzy hair, so I do flat iron it a lot!
I used to use a Conair flat iron, which would do the job, but it would take me some time...
When I saw that Gurin Hair Straightener is a Professional Salon Model, I was excited to try it.
Now I've using this Flat Iron for at least a month and I absolutely love it!
It takes me half the time to straighten my hair. My hair look nice and shiny and feel soft and healthy!

With this Flat Iron you can not only straighten your hair, but also flip and even curl.
It has an adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F (120C - 220C) to suit all hair types.
Ceramic/tourmaline plates create a shinier, silkier finish in lesser time, which I absolutely love.And also if you have frizzy hair, you will love the transformation into gorgeous straight, sleek locks.

 My previous flat iron had a 2" plate and it is hard to get all my baby hairs. This one is perfect for getting all those stubborn baby hair, since it's 1.25" plate. I think it would be perfect for bangs as well. I do not  have to go over my hair a couple times like I used to do and plate allows me to get much closer the my scalp. 

This Gurin flat iron also heats up remarkably fast, however there is no automatic shutdown so don't forget about it! Always unplug and let it cool off before putting it up ;) The controls are inside which I like because I don't accidentally bump them while using the iron.

Overall I am pleased with this Flat Iron: it works great and it's affordable.

Plus I forgot to mention that it comes with a cute red carrying case. Love it!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Green Bark Gummies Review

Green Bark Gummies - The Healthy Dog Treat That's Fun To Eat

 Biggy, our 2 year old pitbull loves treats, like any other dog!
But of course not all treat are really good for our four legged friends. When I was contacted by the company to review this healthy dog treats I was pretty excited.

There are no artificial colors or flavors. No wheat, corn or soy. No added sugar. Non-GMO. This treats are  developed by veterinarians and nutritionists. It powered by one of nature's ancient super foods - CHIA - plus a blend of antioxidant-rich greens! Plus to all that it's made in USA, which is a great plus for me personally.

 Green Bark Gummies come in 2 sizes: Small Bites & Medium-Large Bites and there are 3 different varieties:

  1. SKIN & COAT: Ideal for dry, itchy skin or to support a healthy coat and skin
  2. HEALTHY DIGESTION: Supports intestinal health for traveling, post-antibiotic therapy or any stressful event
  3. HIP & JOINT: Supports joint health for active dogs, older dogs and breeds prone to hip and joint issues.

Our dog loves this yummy treats! And I like that it's also good for him. Plus Green Bark Gummies Support Fresh Breath! Which is perfect for Biggy, since his breath is stinky... but this gummies did improve his smelly breath! He is very active dog, he love to run and play so Hip & Joint gummies are perfect for him!  

 And did I mention that he loves these...just seeing the package makes him all happy! I am very pleased with this healthy treats!
Biggy - healthy, kind and loving dog approves Green Bark Gummies! 
For more information visit

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