Sunday, October 12, 2014

Halloween Crafty Cooking Kits Review

Halloween Crafty Cooking Kits

I love Halloween, it's super fun holiday, especially for kids and I love to do crafty cooking with my son: it's our little tradition. So when I found this Crafty Cooking Kits from Brand Castle I was super excited!!! It's everything you need in one box! 
I reached out to them expressing how much I loved the idea of their product and they were so nice and sent me some of their most popular kits for the Halloween season!

 My 4 year old son was most excited to create this yummy crispy rice pumpkins!!! The kit includes everything you need to create cute or spooky Halloween treat: rice crispy,  mini marshmallows orange food coloring, molds for 2 different pumpkin shapes and 2 icing pens: green & black!
Well you actually need 2  TBSP of butter. 

The kit lets you create 6 pumpkins! It's super easy to prep and then the fun begins: my son took over and was decorating his pumpkins! He loved it!

Then we decided to crafty cook some more!!! This kit is "In The Mix"

Zombie Dance Party 
Cookie Kit!!
This one was a fun one too! You do need some ingredient for this one, but just imagine how your guests would be surprised at your Halloween party when they see this! Plus you tell you made it yourself! 

This Green Zombie cookies need more complicated decorating skills, but my son still decorated a couple, but he was more excited to eat these, they were yummy sugar cookies, his favorite! We ended up with 12 awesome looking zombies!!! Some were eaten in the process of decorating... Yum!

I did received this products for promotional purposes, but I honestly can tell that I absolutely love  the kits and the idea behind it, you should definitely check out their web site, cause they have so many fun  cooking projects. They also have a huge selections of kits for Christmas!!! ;)