Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Crafty Cooking Kits Review

Christmas Crafty Cooking Kits

Christmas is Everybody's fav holiday in our family, every year we try to do some cool cookies. And is you visit BrandCastle you can get so many ideas and kits for crafting cooking. 
When I received some kits to review I was super excited and my 4 year old was excited too. Around Christmas time we love to do cooking projects, but when you already got a whole kit it makes it so much easier. 
 So first was cool UGLY SWEATER COOKIE KIT! It comes with sugar cookie mix enough to make 8-10 cookies, of course the cookie cutter in shape of sweater which you can save and reuse!!! You get red and green icing mix and 4 different sprinkles - so you imagination can go wild!.. lol
You will need some ingredients, like   eggs and butter and some powdered sugar for frosting.
It's super easy to make and it's so much fun for the whole family!!!

We also had a GINGERBREAD NINJA KIT, it was my son's fav since he loves ninjas! And the gingerbread was so good! It came with 4 different ninja cookie cutters which again wwe saved and will reuse! 
 The finished product looks cool and tastes good too! So I definitely recommend you to check out www.brandcastle.com since they have such a big variety of crafty cooking kits! Plus you can find retailers near you that carry those kits! Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Halloween - they have it all!!!

I did received this products for promotional purposes, but I honestly can tell that I absolutely love  the kits and the idea behind it. Next holiday is Valentine's Day and I think I will purchase some kits for sure!

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