Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oishiibox Review

For $12/month (free shipping) you can get a handpicked box of Asian goodies from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan and beyond!

I received this box of Asian snacks for review. This box is pretty fun: you get to try some new snacks, I thought it was pretty cool, plus the snacks were yummy!
August Oishiibox had 7 snacks: 
  1. Poifull - reminded me of jelly beans, but sour! It was a hit in my home! My son loved it!
  2. PRETZ  Pizza- baked breadsticks with pizza flavor, yum!
  3. PRETZ Fried - 
  4. OREO soft cookie with green tea - it was delicious! I must say, I don't like Oreos, but this one was yummy! I would actually eat this kind of OREOs on regular basis.
  5. KitKat  creme brulee - yup, KitKat with a twist: white chocolate and yummy creme brulee filling. It was very good, but I still prefer regular one.
  6. Hello Kitty Biscuits with Chocolate Cream - was probably my least favorite, biscuits are little bit blend, but the packaging is super cute.
  7. Rice Crackers - pretty good unique taste, I did liked it a lot.
I really like the concept of this box: you get yummy goodies from other countries.
But this is not the box where you get a huge value, you get what you pay for.
But if you like to try new stuff, yummy stuff,
this box would be perfect!


  1. awesome box and cool review congrats on your blog

  2. These look very tasty congrats on your new blog I know it's going to be a hit.